Beetroot Halwa



Grated beetroot’s -3



Dry grapes/sultanas -50g


Cardomom powder -10g(optional)


 Take 3 large beetroot and peel out the skin.

 Wash and grate them into fine slices.

 Remove excess water from them.

 Take a clean dry nonstick pan,Add required amount of ghee in the pan.

 When ghee is hot ,add whole grated beetroot slices into it .

 Allow the beetroot to evaporate the moist and allow them to shrink

 When it is half cooked,Add the whole milk into the beetroot mixture

 Allow the milk to reduced to half and shrunken

 Then add the roasted sultanas into it and mix well

 When the whole beetroot mixture become thick ,Add the sugar as per your sweetness (200g)

 Stirred it continuously without sticking the halwa on bottom of pan .

 After adding sugar the beetroot mixture would become little watery,But it will become thick and condensed later.

 The sugar gives a nice glaze and colour to the halwa.

 When it start sticking to the pan ,off the flame .

 Transfer it into a clean dry bowl and sprinkle it with some ground dry nuts .

 Beetroot halwa is ready to serve .

 Serve while it is hot or refrigerate them and serve it cool.