We are the ones deteriorating ourselves;Don’t blame others

Yes as I mentioned, we are the ones who worsen our health without proper awareness on medications and their side effects.Medicines are prescribed to patients by their GP when it is essential.but what most of us do nowadays ,We it-selves prescribed our own medication without doctors consultation .there are certain drugs which are really!really! detrimental to us on a long run .likewise I would like to share some of my thoughts regarding one of the most common known drug which is being misused in vast.

Ya,you are right on the line,it is “ANTIBIOTICS “.what is an antibiotic ???

Antibiotics are chemical substances/compounds produced by bacteria and fungi which are capable kill/inhibit the invading microbial species.

Have you ever wondered how antibiotics kill/inhibit invading bacteria,while leaving human cells alone?even though there are similarities between human and bacterial cells,there are many differences as well.Antibiotics work by affecting on factors/barriers which are present in bacteria not in human cell.

Antibiotics are effective by inhibiting protein synthesis ,cell wall production,RNA/DNA synthesis of a bacteria.there are different group of antibiotics which have their specific killing mechanism in antique way.

Such as Beta-lactam (eg-penicillin)family antibiotics which inhibits the bacterial cell wall synthesis,Macrolides (eg-erythromycin/skin infection) affects protein synthesis,Quinolones (eg-ciprofloxacin/bronchitis, pneumonia)inhibits DNA synthesis.

When you consume antibiotic ,it travels through your blood stream and kill harmful bacteria,our body has beneficial bacteria also which helps to maintain our body and health in a good state. Even though there is a slight difference between good and harmful bacteria,but in a long run these antibiotics affects friendly bacteria as well.this is not only affects our health but also allow room for harmful bacteria to multiply and spread in numerous.In returns our body give space for opportunistic infections.The chances  of opportunistic infection increases when antibiotics disturbs the balance of our residential/native bacteria.

When you take antibiotics for a long period /frequently,Then there is a huge chance for long- term health effects.Because nowadays there are certain types of bacteria getting evolved due to the overuse of antibiotics,where they makeup their genetic material (mutation) inorder to protect them against antibiotics which are known as SUPERBUGS.Antibiotics don’t fix everything,consult your health professional before

My suggestion would be;Do take any medication especially antibiotics when it is ABSOLUTELY necessary.Otherwise go with your healthy diet and exercise.Live your life on your way.